Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Since my super-active boy's diagnosis was first rumored, I've heard about the negativity that I, as a parent, will face in the world of special-needs. Up until now, I praisefully report I haven't heard a whisper of it!

But today, while researching online, I ran across some comments that made me angry. No, not angry - DROP DEAD GUT-FURIOUS! I truly wanted to kill those people.

I have never felt that way before. I don't know exactly why my reaction was so strong - the people were obvious idiots and their commentary was unbelievably stupid - but I literally wanted to kick them, punch them, and beat them into a bloody pulp.

Not just for my son, but for every person, special needs or otherwise, who has become the target of cruelty. Who cares if someone is different? Skin color, body shape, weight, accent, disabilities - stop being scared of the difference! Step outside your sugar-cookie world and take time to discover how yummy gingerbread is.

The emotion of rage is still bubbling inside me. It's scary. It's not pretty. And I pray that I never run into such cruelty in real life - because I don't think I could control myself.

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  1. I agree! (I've gotten that feeling a lot.) *hugs* Go look at funny videos now.