About Us (Random Jabber)

Who is "Us"?  Good question.  Currently, "Us" includes myself, my husband, our baby boy, a Great Dane, and numerous hermit crabs.  (We had a pufferfish but he went to Fish Heaven.)

I'm a writer, a graphic designer, a SAHM, a compulsive worrier, and certifiably a bit bit crazy.  The static in my attic is mostly the fault of my husband, since he's the reason I got pregnant and lost half my brain function to Mommy Hormones.  Despite the static I'm an Info Person, and spend most of my free time trying to decipher scholarly research papers on one subject or another.  I love all animals (especially horses and dolphins) and am happiest when outside either riding, swimming, tree-climbing, or another delightful outdoors activity.

My husband is an extremely talented chef and (retired, mostly) scallywag, who spends the time he isn't in a kitchen playing with our son, laughing at my aforementioned Mommy Brain, or wrestling with the Great Dane.  He also is an outdoors person and is happiest when he's cooking...outside.

Our son is a cherubic (haha) bundle of energy and joy who happened to have been born with Down syndrome.  He isn't letting it bother him and neither are we.  His favorite activities include eating, wiggling, cuddling, and smiling.

This blog is the place where I chronicle our family life, post updates on our journey with Down syndrome, rant about things that drive me crazy, and celebrate the little things in life that are like diamonds in a sandbox; sometimes hard to see, but if you squint just right, the sparkles are endless.  Welcome to the madhouse!